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So., 27. Nov.




Alan Herdman will teach two workshops in November 2022 at our Studio in Zurich

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Zeit & Ort

27. Nov. 2022, 09:00 – 16:00 MEZ

Citypilates, Hohlstrasse 509, 8048 Zürich, Schweiz


Über die Veranstaltung


Saturday, November 26th 2022, 6h Workshop, 60min break

10.30 - 11.30h Masterclass mat

11.30 - 13.30h Depth as apposed to advanced

14.30 -17.30h   Reformer to Chair

Sunday, November 27th 2022, 6h Workshop, 60min break

09.00 - 10.00h Masterclass matwork

10.00 - 12.00h    Know your spine (Mat & Equipment)

13.00 - 16.00h Standing/Balance Reformer

Workshop Description

Depth as apposed to advanced, 3h

Performing the advanced exercises of the Pilates repertoire can easily be done with strength and muscle power, often allowing the stronger muscle groups to override the activation of the smaller and underlying muscle groups. The secret is to make those advanced exercises look effortless and easy. This can be achieved by implementing the Pilates principles.
There are different schools of thought on how the principles should be applied. As it is important to recognize that there are many ways of teaching Pilates, these different approaches are welcomed.

Alan uses the following eight principles: concentration, centering, control, flowing movement, precision, breath, intuition and imagination.

If these eight principles can be implemented while doing an exercise, the exercise will not only look appealing but will feel good as well.
Alan is not suggesting that the eight principles should be used one hundred percent in each exercise. It is the teacher’s job to determine which of the principles should be in focus in regard to the client’s need.

A good balance is what we aim for. Remember – the combination that may work for you does not necessarily work for the person you are working with.

Reformer to Chair, 3h

The Chair is an extremely versatile  piece of equipment, taking up less space in the studio

environment and easy to move around. The repertoire is extensive and many of the exercises

that are usually related to the Reformer can be replicated(in a different form) on the Chair.

Targeting  the same muscle groups as the Reformer repertoire but adding posture, balance

and control.

Know your spine (Mat & Equipment), 2h

It's important to have a strong base or platform for the spine when planning an exercise programme for the spine.

In this worksop we will focus on the different movements of the spine, the preparation and muscle focus fundametals.

Standing/Balance Reformer, 2h

Thinking outside the box for the standing reformer exercises.

We can use the reformer standing on it, standing next to it or standing in front of it.

Changing the colours of the springs we can find new challenges for the balance and muscles of our clients, not to entertain then but to create new routines that will make them focus more during the classes.


Earlybird *

1/2 Day CHF 220 (3 hours)

1 Day CHF 400

*till September 17th 2022.

2 Days CHF 730

*till September 17th 2022.


1/2 Day CHF 240 (3 hours)

1 Day CHF 450

2 Days CHF 780

Masterclass Matwork only

1 Masterclass CHF 60 (1h)

If you would like to come for both days please let us know via e-mail.

Max. 14 Participants


+41 44 558 24 54

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