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In this 1:1 training, you and your goals take center stage. Thanks to individualized guidance, the training adapts perfectly to your needs. Efficient Pilates exercises on various equipment such as the Cadillac, Chair, Barrel, Reformer, and Mat bring about positive changes, improve your posture, and address any imbalances.


This training is also ideal for beginners to learn the basics and feel individually supported and guided.


Additionally, it is suitable for rehabilitation after injuries, as it helps restore mobility and gently strengthen the body.


Similar to a Private Training, individual goals take center stage here. However, would you like to train in pairs? Then our Duet Training is just right for you. In these shared sessions, we accompany you on your Pilates journey by using various Pilates equipment to help you achieve your individual goals.


Whether you want to increase your strength, improve your flexibility, or simply experience a pleasant mental freedom, our Duet Training offers you the opportunity to achieve these goals together.


Are you more than two people? We are happy to offer larger group training sessions upon request.

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