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The Pilates method

The efficient and dynamic Pilates training strengthens, stretches, and mobilizes your body. The focus is on the joy of movement and strengthening the deep muscles to improve your posture, stability, and body awareness. Balanced and flowing exercises with targeted breathing bring your body and mind into perfect harmony and positively influence your well-being.


Regular training following the Pilates method helps you achieve the following goals:


• Upright & relaxed posture

• Strengthened & flexible spine

• Firm & supple body sensation

• Strong & flexible pelvic/abdominal/back muscles

• Mindful body awareness & coordination

• Connection of body & mind

• Perception & expansion of breathing

• Positive radiance & vitality

• Immersion from the external to your inner world

The Pilates method comprises over 500 exercises and is practiced on the Pilates equipment developed by Joseph Pilates such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrel, or on the mat using small equipment like a soft ball, theraband, roller, circle, and weights.


CITYPILATES incorporates the 9 Pilates principles into its training, making the exercises more efficient and gaining depth.



Keep the mind concentrated on every aspect of movement

Attention is the key to success. Being attentive enables optimal control and positive influence over your body.


It is all about breathing

Breathing is essential for freedom of movement and gives meaning to exercises. Conscious breathing allows direct control of your center.


The mind is very connected to the movement

We draw strength and stability from our center, which we need during exercises. Concentration not only strengthens the body but also the mind.


Muscle memory

Clear intention is necessary to achieve goals. Working with purpose brings us closer to our posture and movement goals.


The mind keeps the body safe and connected

Breathing is essential for freedom of movement and gives meaning to exercises. Conscious breathing allows direct control of your center.


Take your Pilates home

The goal is to integrate newly learned movement patterns into daily life. Living Pilates positively influences well-being outside of lessons.


The art of movement

The exercise itself and the lesson flow smoothly. Practicing with flow benefits from a sense of ease within movement.


Work with quality

Differentiation helps assess how much strength an individual exercise requires. Differentiated training supports physical balance between tension and relaxation.


Practice makes perfect

Without consistency, there is no training success. Consistency leads to training success. Consistent training yields visible progress.

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