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ACM Teacher Trainer

How did you get into Pilates?

During my studies through Mari Winsor's DVDs.


What do you like about Pilates?

Pilates is an evolving holistic training and rehabilitation system that never forgets its roots.

The traditional exercises of Joseph Pilates are still the strong basis today. However, I also appreciate that the work is enriched by the latest research results and findings from other bodywork systems.


Why did you become a Pilates trainer?

Pilates convinced me right from the start. I wanted to know more and teach Pilates in the therapeutic field and as a sporting balance.


What is special about your Pilates teaching style?

I teach mindfully, inspired in many ways, focused on the functionality of the body and with humor & heart.


Your training:

Polestar Pilates Matwork

Certified Bodymotion Trainer for Matwork

Certified Bodymotion trainer for Allegro and studio equipment

Pilates during pregnancy (Art of Motion)

Regression with Pilates (Art of Motion)

Further training with Karin Locher, Elizabeth Larkam, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Arlette Herzig,...

Non-medical practitioner TEN specializing in manual procedures i. A.

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