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Managing director and owner of CITYPILATES. ACM Teacher Trainer.

How did you get into Pilates?

During my language study trip to Hawaii in 2004, my host mother took me to Pilates classes. I was so fascinated that from then on I continued practicing at home almost every day with DVDs.


What do you like about Pilates?

The holistic movement method combines and promotes strength, flexibility and the structural balance of the body. This allows the training to be varied and individualized. Thanks to conscious breathing, the mind is also integrated so that I not only feel invigorated after training, but also balanced and relaxed.


Why did you become a Pilates trainer?

Experiencing how the training helps me physically and mentally on a daily basis has motivated me to immerse myself more in the Pilates method, to learn about its origins and to support other people with targeted training.


The positive faces and pain-free bodies of my clients show me again and again how unique and holistic the effects of Pilates training are.


What is special about your Pilates teaching style?

The top priority for me and CITYPILATES is personal & competent support, professionalism as well as joy and fun in training. I pass on my enthusiasm for the Pilates method with a lot of love and conviction and can teach gently and precisely, but also really step on the gas so that muscles start to burn that you may never have consciously felt before.


Your training:

Certified Pilates Trainer Matwork, Pilates Polestar Basel

Certified Pilates Trainer Allegro, Pilates Polestar Basel

Certified Pilates Trainer Matwort, Pilates Bodymotion Switzerland

Certified Pilates Trainer Allegro & Studio, Pilates Bodymotion Switzerland

Certified Pilates Trainer Matwork & Studio, BASI Pilates

TRX Suspension Trainer, Fitagon Winterthur

BASI Pilates Mentor Program, Rael Isacowitz, Newport Beach California

Kathy Ggrant Heritage Program, Cara Reeser Zurich

MOTR Trainer, Balanced Body Bern

Pilates Post & Pre Natal, Pilates Bodymotion Switzerland

Pilates for Kids & Teens, Pilates Bodymotion Switzerland

Pilates Fascia Trainer, Pilates Bodymotion Switzerland

Workshops with Rael Isacowitz, Ton Voogt , Michael Fritzke, Patricia Medros, Blossom Crawford, Madeline Black, Ute Weiler, Britta Brechtefeld, Christian Lutz, Julia Staar, Mariam Younossi, Cara Reeser.

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