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How did you get into Pilates?

I attended my first Pilates class at Citypilates three years ago and was impressed from the start. I tried a lot of different things to keep moving. At some point, I realized that without a playful component, I quickly lose the fun of a workout. That was until I discovered Pilates for myself


What do you like about Pilates?

The combination of physical and mental workout was and is a great gift for me. The feeling after a class is simply great, holistic and always satisfying.


Why did you become a Pilates trainer?

On the one hand to learn more about the Pilates method and on the other to pass on my passion. It's not the devil in the detail, but perfection. I already know today that I have never finished learning.


What is special about your Pilates teaching style?

Everyone should feel comfortable in my classes. I try to pass on my passion for the Pilates method with warmth, humor and creativity.


Your training:

Pilates Reformer Teacher, Academy of Contemporary Movement, Zurich, on-going

My curiosity, every day

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