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How did you get into Pilates?

As a very active person and long-time yoga teacher, I became increasingly interested in Pilates and its specific strength exercises, which provide our bodies with a stable foundation in modern everyday life and in our free time.


What do you like about Pilates?

I have FUN in Pilates training, both in my own training and in teaching. In my opinion, it is a holistic training; muscles are strengthened and stretched at the same time, your own body awareness, focus and breath are strengthened.


Why did you become a Pilates trainer?

To share my passion, holistic knowledge, fun and strength in training with you.


What is special about your Pilates teaching style?

You will strengthen and challenge your body using tools from Pilates & Yoga. Come along, be open and have fun in training!


Your training:

Pilates Reformer Teacher, Academy of Contemporary Movement , Zurich

Pilates ring & roll SAFS - ongoing

Pilates on the SAFS ballet barre

Advanced Pilates Mat Class SAFS

 Handstand the efficient full-body workout SAFS

Pilates coach training with Daniela Berther

6 years experience as a yoga teacher.

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