Hohlstrasse 509
8048 Zurich

Phone: 0041 44 558 24 54

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In the boutique of CITYPILATES you can buy a wide range of items from clothing, pilates equipment, as well as lamps. Come by or write a message via order-button if you want the items to be delivered to your home (plus postage).


YOIQI Leggins Plain Soft Black

CHF 59.00

YOIQI Jumpsuit Loose Black

CHF 139.00

YOIQI Leggins High Sea Spray

CHF 59.00

YOIQI Leggins 7/8 Dark Grey

CHF 59.00

YOIQI Jumpsuit Cross Canyon Rose

CHF 119.00

YOIQI Jumpsuit Cross Dark Grey

CHF 119.00



CHF 10.00

Pilates Softball 22cm

CHF 17.00

Pilates Softball 26cm

CHF 20.00

Pilates Rolle 90cm

CHF 75.00

Pilates Circle

CHF 45.00

Pilates Theraband

CHF 10.00

Pilates Bodybone

CHF 30.00

Franklin Mini-Rolle 

CHF 25.00

Franklin Bälle (2stk)

CHF 30.00


Thermos Glasflasche

CHF 35.00


Tee "La Beauté" oder "GINGER LEMON

CHF 10.00