CITYPILATES has specialised in training with women. You can find Pilates group classes during pregnancy, for recovery as well as customized personal trainings.


The postnatal training is specifically designed to meet the needs of women after childbirth. During the 8 uplifting workouts you will strengthen, tone and loosen your body in a gentle way. The main aim is to rebuild your pelvic floor and deep-lying abdominal muscles and to loosen your back and shoulder muscles. Body and mind will regain their balance and a pleasant and relaxed body perception will develop.

This course is ideal for returning to the regular Pilates group courses. The course takes place without babies.


Suitable for women about 6 weeks after spontaneous delivery and about 10 weeks after a caesarean section.

Training is done in groups of up to 8 participants with and without Pilates equipment.

Since this is a progressive course, it is important to attend once a week during the 8 weeks. If you miss one or two classes, please let us know at least 12 hours in advance so that we can make up the class (maximum of 2 hours can be made up).

We train in groups of max. 14    participants. 


Thursday, 19.15 - 20.15 h, with Leila on the  mat   in German


CHF 350.- for 8 classes


21.10.2021 bis 09.12.2021

06.01.2022 bis 24.02.2022


This postnatal class is also specifically designed to workout with your little one.


In this class you will work on your Pilates practice while interacting with your baby.  Before you can participate in this class, your baby should be able to hold his own head firmly and steadily and be able to sit up almost on his own.


You will need baby toys, a thick blanket for the baby to lie down comfortably, a thin blanket to interact with the baby and a baby carrier. 

Currently this class isn't available.


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