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Helena Schmidt


What brought you to pilates?

I've always been on the move - in a variety of sports such as judo, skiing, ballet and contemporary dance. I got to know and love Pilates through dancing.


What do you like about it?

The combination of breath, concentration and targeted movement inspired me from the very beginning. My body works effectively and the head becomes calm. After a Pilates training, I always feel satisfied and relaxed - and I feel that I have trained very constructively.


Why did you become an instructor?

It was a need to engage more intensively with the knowledge of movement and the body and to pass on my own experiences. I am convinced of the Pilates method as a way to help more people achieve physical well-being and balanced physical activity. If participants tell me how the training helps them with everyday tasks or in sports, I am very happy!


Whats special about your way of teaching?

I like to work with a focus on precision and a good body feel - this is how a training success, which even in the long term outside the studio shows its effectiveness, quickly sets in. The training should be a lot of fun: A smile on my face is part of the doing the exercise correctly - mostly ;-)


your education:

Polestar Pilates Trainerin Matte
Polestar Pilates Trainerin Reformer (i.e.)


Hohlstrasse 509
8048 Zurich

Phone: 0041 44 558 24 54


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