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current measures

The protection concept of CITYPILATES ensures that the guidelines drawn up by the Swiss Pilates Association and BAG are adhered to. We therefore ask you to support us in fulfilling these points properly.


Only come to training if you feel absolutely healthy. In case of the slightest signs of illness or even allergies with sneezing, coughing etc. we ask you to sign off early - for the protection of all of us -


Participants and trainers must inform us immediately if they are infected with the corona virus, so that we can initiate contact tracing immediately, and they must undergo self-isolation/quarantine and medical care in accordance with the BAG's guidelines. We reserve the right to send people with symptoms of illness home at any time. 

Measures apply by December, 13th 2020

  • We advise particularly vulnerable persons (risk groups) to continue using our ONLINE LIVE PILATES service.

  • The studio will close by 7 PM every day

  • Max. class capacity is lowered to four participants per class

  • On Sunday the studio remains closed

  • Masks must be worn in the studio and in the changing room. As soon as you are on your mat or reformer, you may take off the mask. So you do not have to wear a mask during training.

  • We refrain from tactile accompaniment trough your trainer.

  • Please always cancel your registration even if you cannot participate for other reasons, so that another person has the chance to participate on site.

  • Please arrive at the studio 5 to 10 minutes before the start of the training - ideally in your training clothes - so that we can start on time. Once you are in the gym, go directly to the training room and follow the instructions of your trainer.

  • After training, we ask you to leave the gym as soon as possible so that there is no space shortage between two consecutive training sessions.

  • All persons in the studio clean & disinfect their hands before and after the training. 

  • In the studio, we consistently avoid hugs, handshakes and kisses and make sure that we always keep sufficient distance to the people present - in every situation.

  • We refrain from handling cash as much as possible.

  • Water, soap and paper towels are available in the toilet. ​

  • After use, clean the mat you used (even if you used a towel) and any small Pilates equipment you may have. 

  • We regularly clean and disinfect all rooms, toilets, surfaces, objects and items that are touched by more than one person (e.g. door handles) and ensure that the training rooms are ventilated several times a day.

  • If possible, all persons in the studio should keep a distance of 1.5m between themselves and the equipment.

  • Customers bring their own drinking bottle, socks and & towel.

  • Max. 1 participant per 6m2.​



Here you also find the Citypilates protection concept as well as the measures for COVID as PDF.


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